We embrace our indigenous knowledge plus those of other terrains to complete our clients’ transactions and to mitigate our clients’ problems.

Providing a wide range of legal services, the firm represents individuals, publicly and privately owned companies/corporations, partnerships, financial institutions and government entities in a wide spectrum of sophisticated transactions and complex litigation.

Internationally, we benefit from extensive support capabilities, which derive from correspondent relationships with global law firms in Europe, Asia, the United States and other parts of Africa. This complements our ability to provide an efficient and cost effective service to our clients.

We have over the years provided a broad range of legal services to numerous corporate clients, by assisting them in setting up and organizing their businesses in Nigeria. The firm’s clients range from multi-national corporations, international banks, and major public companies to family businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Much of our work, in the following main areas, is international in its scope.

We have established a reputation for cutting-edge legal advice, modern and local solutions that enable clients to capitalize on business opportunities and manage change effectively. Sector specializations are key to our effectiveness. Our lawyers have a profound understanding of our clients’ industry sectors, so we can provide a full range of advice based on extensive knowledge. For our clients, this means a service with an added dimension.

We are solution-driven